Café 2020: Good, Could be Better

Photo by Quadai Brown

Article by Quadai Brown <>

With the start of the new school year here at Ursinus, there’s also the return of the beloved Café 2020, which students know for being the one place that you can get Starbucks in Collegeville. Changes happen, and this summer Café 2020 saw some.

New workers were hired, and daily specials were introduced. Student workers are back at the café, too, after a delay. What are students’ thoughts on these changes? I work at Café 2020, and I’m here to tell you what my fellow students and I think. 

The good news is that the new food options are popular amongst students. For example, Grizzly Editor Marie Sykes said, “I’m really happy they brought back the soup of the day.” 

At the same time, one student worker, who chose to remain anonymous at this time, thinks the service could stand some improvement, saying it’s “a bit inconsistent.” Another said, “it would help if there was better stock…They should also consider bringing back all day breakfast sandwiches.” Café 2020 is doing all right, but according to these two student workers, the operation could be stronger. 

Another example: one student worker lamented that some servers “don’t announce people’s names for their orders.” They feel like it’s more effort on the students’ end to find which drink is theirs, and make sure they’re not waiting too long to be called. The same employee suggested other improvements such as a better-functioning ice machine. 

Overall, students seem excited about the return of Café 2020, but there were some issues they encountered as well. From the ice machine being down, to things not being fully stocked, there were things that not only hindered the employees but the customers. Café 2020 could use a few changes here and there in order to bring back the same feeling of reliability that it had in its previous years. If you have any suggestions for changes for Café 2020, feel free to bring them up with dining management at as all student opinions matter!