Comments from Grizzly Alumni

Marie Sykes

Jack Hauler ‘80, First Editor for The Grizzly, Biology Major

“I was the first editor of The Grizzly. Prior to that, the student newspaper was called The Ursinus Weekly, but it came out sporadically, and certainly not weekly! We held a contest in the fall of 1978 for a new name and a physics professor submitted the winning entry. We then arranged to do layout at a newspaper in Collegeville every Thursday night so the paper could come out at lunch on Friday, becoming a weekly again. I’m delighted to see The Grizzly live on!”

Michael Delaney ‘12, News Editor and Physics and English Double Major

“Writing for The Grizzly and acting as news editor my last year made me feel more connected to campus and the student body as a whole. With each assignment, I delved deep into the school’s many positive and news-worthy events and organizations, from endless artistic performances to the selfless fundraising and charitable drives occurring throughout the year. I even became acquainted with great figureheads of the faculty, and distinguished guest speakers, I would not otherwise meet during my normal studies. Interviewing the people bringing such enrichment to Ursinus opened my eyes to the awe-inspiring nature of our community, guided by generosity and creativity, and bolstered my pride to be an Ursinus student, and eventually a proud member of our countless alumni.”

Sabrina Pfeiffer ’14 (née McGettigan), E-I-C and English Major

“Working on The Grizzly is one of my fondest memories from my time at Ursinus. Working as a group to create something the campus engaged with every week is a type of hard work and intense collaboration I hadn’t experienced before or since. We even had an article go a bit viral, which is an experience I won’t forget. I’m grateful for how much I learned working on The Grizzly — not just about journalism and the process of making a newspaper, but about myself too, which is a testament to the specialness of Ursinus and its professors.”

Heidi Jensen ‘14, Photo Editor and English and Media & Communications Double Major

“I remember my years on The Grizzly very fondly. My first year I was offered the role as staff photographer and was mentored by the amazing group of upperclassmen who took me under their wings and taught me so much. Our advisors, Matt Veto and Kirstie Hettinga, were also integral to the success of The Grizzly during that time. They were so invested in all of us and our growth. Matt even spent time to teach me and another student how to use a fancy camera and helped us practice at the football games. I’ll never forget my time on The Grizzly—I was lucky to be a part of it and looking back, I appreciate how it shaped my Ursinus experience.”

Rachel Brown ‘15, Media & Communications Major

“Some of my fondest memories at Ursinus are from those very late (but always very fun) Monday evenings putting together the newspaper. Serving as editor-in-chief provided the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my fellow editors as well as get to know and appreciate the college on a deeper level than I would have otherwise.”

Simra Mariam ‘20, E-I-C and Media and Communications Major

“Serving as The Grizzy’s EIC was one of the most memorable experiences of my time at Ursinus. It was truly so enjoyable working hands-on with a dedicated team that was always committed to bringing fresh new ideas to the table and involving our community in its production. I learned so much about myself as a writer and a leader, and gained skills that I’ve been able to carry into the work I do today. I’ll always be grateful to Doron Taussig, the best mentor and advisor, and the staff that made our collective experience so rewarding. Once a Bear, always a Bear!”