Long-Running Professors

Erin Corcoran ercorcoran@ursinus.edu & Kate Horan kahoran@ursinus.edu

To celebrate the 1,000th Issue of the Grizzly, we are featuring some of the professors who have been teaching at Ursinus the longest.

Dr. Robert Dawley, Professor of Biology has been teaching at Ursinus since 1989. He’s witnessed first-hand the school transform from a smaller, more local college of about 1000 students to a nationally recognized institution that now draws from students across the world. The “warm and friendly” aspect of the school, however, has remained constant. One of the biggest changes Dawley mentions as notable is the school’s full commitment to liberal arts education. He cites CIE, Quest Core Questions, and groups such as the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good – which he co-directs – as steps during his tenure that added this liberal arts vision. Dawley also regards his annual trips with students to Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Galápagos Islands as some of his favorite memories.

Dr. Paul Stern, Professor of Politics has been at Ursinus since 1989. During his years at Ursinus, Stern notes that he has seen the curriculum change, “which has given Ursinus greater prominence among colleges and universities throughout the nation.” Stern is motivated to stay a part of the Ursinus community because he enjoys his colleagues, students, and his research. His favorite memories revolve around the friends that he has made.