Dealing With Remote Finals

Photo Courtesy of Rob Varney

Gillian Mccomeskey,

With finals soon approaching, students are preparing to take exams online. Even though finals this year look a little different, their importance remains the same. Students are studying in so many different ways — through Zoom with friends, Quizlet, Kahoot, and various other online platforms. Even though this is an unsettling time, it is important to practice self-care — making sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising.

When we reached out to students to ask how they are preparing for finals this semester, we received an array of responses. Sophomore Jackie Bogan said, “I am preparing for finals like I normally do and just because I am at home does not change that. I only really have one actual final this year and the rest are papers. My study plan includes studying for 2 to 3 hours a night. For self-care, I give myself some breaks throughout the day so I do not get overwhelmed. I will either watch TV or be on my phone just so my mind can take a break.”

Another example comes from Sam Deshields who stated, “To prepare for finals, I usually spend the time creating a playlist to listen to while I study. Music is something that relieves some of the stress that finals prep causes. I think it’s very important to combine something you enjoy with studying because the stress can be too much to handle without some leeway. I usually would like to study with friends, but can’t do that due to COVID. So I’m just opting to do this virtually so we can check in on each other and make each other feel better.”

No matter what mode of studying you choose, making sure to incorporate self-care is key. Good luck with finals, everybody!