Dorm Hacks

Jenna Smith (

When moving into a new dorm room it’s easy to remember the essentials, but it can be challenging to remember decor. Personalization is necessary to combat homesickness and isolation on campus. This is your home now, after all. 

Picture collages of either your friends or of aesthetic photos can really help customize your room, and they’re super easy to hang up on your walls. Amazon offers photo packs of all kinds, depending on what color scheme you’re going for. You can even make a personalized collage using your own photos from apps such as WeHeartIt or Tumblr photos. Additionally, tapestries are beneficial when covering large spaces as they can be easily hung from walls or ceilings with command strips or thumb tacks. 

Flower pots filled with succulents or cacti can help bring a fresh look and a pop of color to your dorm. Fake ivy, either hung from the ceiling or the walls, will bring a forest ambience to the room. Cute accessories, like mugs, from inexpensive stores like Ross or TJ Maxx can serve as storage for pens, markers, even makeup brushes. The best part is they can always be used for their original purpose: drinking. 

Who doesn’t want to feel comfy in their space? Colored, fuzzy rugs are soft on your feet and can help to keep the place cozy. Fairy lights, Christmas lights, or even the battery-powered twinkle lights, are perfect to hang up around your perimeter, adding more light to your dim space! Curtains are commonly forgotten. Throw the cheap roll-up shades that are beige and boring to the curb. Instead, invest in cute, colorful ones that will open the space. Reusable bags are also a must, whether you take them with you on shopping trips or simply use them to hold your belongings. They are inexpensive and can be used for just about everything. Believe it or not, designing your own space can do wonders. Whether it’s pictures of your friends, family, or furry creatures, or even something reminiscent of your hometown can help lessen the impending homesickness that comes after the first few weeks. 

However you decide to decorate, it’s important to make yourself, and your roommate (if you have one), feel safe and comfortable. Best of luck on your designing endeavours!