Welcome Back Fringe Festival!

Marie Sykes (masykes@ursinus.edu

The Fringe Festival is back in action after a full year of online performances, coming back for the 22nd iteration of the festival with four fabulous Fridays of productions. All events are open to the general public as Ursinus transfers back into being an open campus. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, is required to adhere to mask mandates. 

Things are set to return, but with a twist. Jessica Celli ’22 is the director of “The Laundro,” written by Ursinus student Sarah Buck ’22, and says, “I love the new idea of Fringe Fridays, which allow(s) for more events and more people to come to each event, and for more events to happen!” She’s most “looking forward to having an in-person audience, and being able to hear their laughter and reactions to my actors.” With a new line-up for every Friday, there will always be something new to look forward to.

And it’s certain the entire student body is looking forward to these events, especially with the Student One-Act Play Festival ending the line-up on October 1. Kate Foley ’23, president of Breakaway Student Productions and playwright of “Ghost Light,” says “the amount of student interest we’ve had this semester is more than Breakaway has ever seen in years past, and I believe much of that is due to a collective need for art, live theatre, and community after months of isolation.” No matter whether it is acting in a play, attending events, or helping to organize the festival, the Ursinus student body is expected to have a successful turnout.  

All three of the students interviewed had expressed one common sentiment: their excitement for a live performance, with an audience, costumes, and just real-life social interactions in general. Ali Wolf ‘23, Vice President of Breakaway Student Productions, is especially excited about this because “it is such a huge part of my experience here as a student and vice president of Breakaway Student Productions.” “Last year you could definitely feel its absence,” she concluded. Theatre, much like everything else, is making a strong comeback. The upcoming production of Pride and Prejudice is this October. 

Go out and support these amazing students, staff, visiting artists, and other productions every Friday from September 10 to October 1. A special thank you to the Arts and Lectures Fund for supporting the Fringe Festival.