February Editor’s Letter

Layla M. Halterman (lahalterman@ursinus.edu)

Dear Ursinus Family, 

When wrapping up the fall semester, I was feeling quite overburdened and bogged down. Instead of studying like originally planned, I decided to plow through my desk drawers as a means of procrastinating. Deadlines do not just vanish. You think a big bad passionate editor would know that through and through, right?  

But I stumbled upon a pretty profound gift instead. The gift of notes, cards, letters, and emails people have written me over the years. And, yes, I held onto them. A handful of them are from my biggest cheerleader, my mom. She has continuously championed me to break barriers and bust out of any small corner anyone tries to put me in. I have always been enamored of her ability to love effortlessly and vocalize it on paper and in practice. She never has shied away from the opportunity of sharing how deep her love is and just how proud she is of me. When I began to submerge myself in the verbiage, I became so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from not only my mom, but from others too. The feelings of joy and gratitude prevailed. My stress did not. 

When taking a step back from the demands of school, I gained a deeper appreciation for the unapologetically, bold lover my mom truly is. It is so often we underestimate the power of small caring acts, like a handwritten note or a nurturing conversation. Both of which carry the potential to make a fruitful, lasting impact. As a wise man once said, there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. I hope you resonate with this sentiment, not only on Valentine’s Day, but everyday.