Remembering Terrence

Jenni Berrios (

On January 20, the campus received devastating news about the passing of Assistant Dean of Students, Terrence Williams. The atmosphere immediately changed as the whole campus grieved. The Field House was filled with students, faculty, friends and family mourning the loss of a great leader on campus. The vigil was organized apace and provided a safe place to be connected as a community. 

Williams was an advocate for the success of students of color at Ursinus College. He constantly looked for opportunities to make the school more inclusive and was the reason the campus has many inspirational quotes from POC figures. He created a safe space for many students, in and out of the IIE. The IIE has become an incredible space because of his efforts. It will forever hold his presence and leadership. Williams’ impact was made evident through a Zoom memorial service that included current students, faculty, and alumni. Many people shared his gift to create a positive environment in every room he walked in. 

He was notorious for making jokes and being direct with students. Williams did not hold back when informing students of their mistakes hoping that they would learn from them.  As a Dean, he was serious, but could switch up and joke around with anyone like they were friends for years. His iconic boots made him heard from a mile away. Williams proved that no matter how hard life is, it is always going to be okay. 

I am an out-of-state student and he once invited my sister [who does not attend Ursinus] and I to his house for Thanksgiving. He prepared a full, yummy meal and as we ate, he shared stories. Also, he made dad jokes that made us cringe, but nonetheless made us laugh. He made us feel like family after all. Along with his dogs, a few students dog sitted.

Jalen Everette ‘22 comments, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without Terrence. His calming demeanor and perfect word choice helped an anxious high school student get on the right path to fulfilling my potential.” 

His impact on the world, but especially the Ursinus community, will continue to live on. We are so grateful for his leadership and care. We will miss you eternally, Terrence!