Holiday Season on Campus

Brooke Hurley (

The holidays are in full swing on this bustling campus. The ability to travel home and visit family mid-semester is an exciting development for students. 

As most would agree, the last few weeks of the semester are a grind. This time of year can be mentally and physically draining. It can often squash all the holiday cheer and festivities — but it does not have to. As deadlines and final exams creep up on us, it is easy to lose sight of the joy. 

The recent decorations in Cafe 2020 have surely gotten many students in the spirit. Along with the holiday inspired drinks, The Commons is bringing the spirit early as well. Students can contribute by making a conscious effort to decorate dorms or residence halls, an act that never fails to brighten days. Take advantage of spaces like common rooms and hallways to hang festive decorations. 

Gather friends, roommates, and hallmates to collect simple and easy holiday decor from home or local stores like Michael’s or Target. This is a great opportunity to bond and build relationships with peers outside of your direct circle. It’s a solid excuse to de-stress, too. Making small ornaments or decorative pieces, baking cookies, or coordinating a small gift exchange will also help bring an extra charge of holiday spirit. An Ursinus College sorority, Phi Alpha Psi, is holding a sorority event for each sister to make a personalized ornament to hang on their personal Christmas trees. As the season gets closer, more on-campus events will be offered for students. 

Mariah Lesh ’22 shares her tips on how she transformed her space into a festive and cozy room. “I brought back some Christmas lights from home and hung them across my room and have been using holiday scented wall diffusers in our house. Other girls have hung wreaths on their doors, and we put up a Christmas tree in our common room.”

There are so many ways to participate no matter what you celebrate. Holiday scented wall diffusers are a good alternative to candles, small Christmas trees and ornaments, and plastic menorahs are easy, inexpensive decorations. String colorful lights to brighten the space, too. Send fun cards or gratitude notes to family and friends to spread smiles. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked cookies? Next time you and your friends aren’t looking to bear the cold or school realities, stay in and consider decking out the dorm room halls.