Meet Will McCoy

Cole Gannon (

   In  any college environment, students are faced with stressors left and right. Balancing class work, a social life, and extracurricular activities is no easy task. For the majority, time management is difficult and being forced to implement this skill can be overwhelming to some. Will McCoy ‘22 is one of the many individuals on campus who is used to this juggling, but one of the few who does it most gracefully. McCoy is a student and Campus Safety Officer who balances his course load and job duties! Let’s see how he does just that and then some. 

CG: What made you decide to take classes at Ursinus while also working as a Campus Safety Officer?

WM: “I already started my degree in 2012 at The Lincoln University and this job came with free tuition. So, it was imperative that I continued my journey.”

CG: How do you balance school and work? Was it challenging? Why or why not?

WM: “It’s mind over matter for me. If you stop giving so much time to things that don’t matter and begin prioritizing, you will understand the true definition of balance. Nothing is hard if you set time aside. Anything can be done [made dean’s list last semester while taking 4 classes and working].”

CG: Are there any drawbacks to being an officer and having to uphold the rules to students you’ve become friends with? How do you feel about being on the inside of both student circles and campus safety? Do they conflict? If so, how? 

WM: “No, I honestly try to keep the friendship at a distance. I am older by many years to some, so I place caps on friendships. To be completely honest the only circles I am on the inside of when regarding students are students of color. We understand each other and share the same experiences so I get all their problems. On the other hand, campus safety does cause conflict because when students I share such connections and experiences with get in trouble, I must put my job first. Most of the time the student is glad it’s me showing up to relate the news.” 

CG: Is there anything else you want people to know about being both a campus safety officer and student? How do you make it work?

WM: “What I would like them to know is that anything in this world is possible. Whenever it is difficult, apply more pressure and stay focused. Run your own race because you are only in competition with yourself. My graduating year was 2016. I left my original school in 2015. Now here I am graduating in 2022. Lastly, prioritize your time.” 

   After an incredible amount of perseverance and time management, McCoy will graduate knowing he helped students on and off the job. He is a concrete example of hardwork and determination. As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy. A huge thanks to McCoy for protecting and serving the Bear community.