Konstanzer cements name in history

Lydia Konstanzer, Photograph Courtesy of Rob Varney

Jake Supran


On Saturday, February 1st, Lydia Konstanzer broke yet another Ursinus College women’s basketball record. Her 16-point game against Bryn Mawr secured her spot as the number two all-time leading scorer in the team’s history, passing Ursinus College Athletics Hall of Famer Mary Kate Daley. She also became just the third women’s basketball player in school history to pass 1,500 career points.

Lydia Konstanzer’s career as an Ursinus College women’s basketball player has been something to watch. Each year she seems to find new records to break. Last year she broke the double-double record with 35, previously held by Lindsey Teuber with 33. This year, she has absolutely been demolishing the career double-double record with a current total of 49. Konstanzer doesn’t watch the record books too often, she says. “I try not to focus on my personal stats and the records because it all makes me way too nervous.” Konstanzer just keeps her head on her shoulders and plays. “I just go out and work hard every game!”

In Konstanzer’s first year of captaincy, she has been able to lead the team to a 4th place seeding in the Centennial Conference playoffs and the team’s first playoff win in 12 years. As a whole, Konstanzer has had a solid well-rounded career. Her freshman year, she was the first ever Ursinus women’s basketball Centennial Conference Rookie of the Year while also earning second-team All-Conference honors. Following her sophomore year, she again earned second-team honors while placing top five in the conference in points, field goals, rebounds, offensive rebounds, and field goal percentage. After Konstanzer’s junior year, she was awarded Centennial Conference first-team honors as well as All-Mid-Atlantic second-team honors.

Konstanzer is grateful she was given the opportunity by her family, teammates and coaches. “I would just like to thank my teammates for pushing me on the court and hitting me with amazing passes.” Her coaches helped round out her skillset to make her an unstoppable force, “I would also like to thank my coaches for teaching me new moves, counter moves, and helping me prepare for every game.” She adds, “Lastly, I want to thank my family for being the most dedicated fan section in the entire Centennial Conference!”

Other notable records that Konstanzer has etched her name next to in the history books include being second all-time in field goals and third all-time in rebounds with 922. The second all-time rebound record holder in women’s basketball history has 932, which is definitely an achievable feat for the 6-foot senior forward. Three-year Ursinus College women’s basketball play-by-play announcer Mike Stanziale added, “Watching Lydia break records year after year has been amazing.” He added, “It has been a pleasure to watch her during home games during my time at UC.”

Lydia has worked hard over the stretch of her four-year career and is known for her post play. Senior guard Francesca Bogiatzis said, “She has been a strong post player for us and has improved her shot over the years going from simple drop steps and layups to improving her mid range.” She is unstoppable down low in the paint with the ability to back down her opponents underneath the rim. Konstanzer’s rebound total tells the tale of her hard-nosed work ethic and willingness to be the ultimate team player.

Konstanzer hasn’t been able to achieve any of these records without the help of her teammates. Junior walk-on and Ursinus leading scorer Aliyah Stephens reflect on her tenure as part of the team’s 1-2 punch. “Playing with Lydia has taught me how to be a team player and shown me what working hard every day in practice and games can get you.” Fresh off of passing 1,000 career points, just the 15th time a player has done so in program history, Stephens will most definitely miss her dynamic duo partner. “She has been a great mentor and a great leader I’ve looked up to. I plan on modeling her work ethic and leadership next year!”

Lydia Konstanzer has three more games left in the season to go out on a high note. The team’s chances at making the playoffs are slim, but all hope is not lost. Make sure to come out to Helffrich Gym this Saturday for your last chance to see Konstanzer’s historic career at home. Let’s get a big crowd to cheer on Lydia as she leads the Bears in their last home game of the 2019-2020 season!