Ursinus celebrates Founders Day

Photo Courtesy of Rob Varney

Madison Rodak


On Feb. 5, the Ursinus community celebrated 150 years of Ursinus. It was Founders Day, a commemoration of the 1869 signing of the college’s charter. Throughout the day, people on campus had the opportunity to partake in activities such as a game of Founders Feud, eating s’mores, and winning prizes.

As a member of the 150th committee, Associate Director of Young Alumni & Student Engagement Mallory Stratton looked forward to the events. Stratton said that the 150th committee was excited to “bring a chainsaw ice sculptor to campus, fire pits and ‘Tuck Ins’ s’mores, a hot chocolate bar, and invite the campus to celebrate our history in Olin Plaza. My favorite part is the energy on campus – it’s incredible to see how far our community has come in 150 years and the honor it is to be a part of the Ursinus family.”

Campus organization “Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow” planned a portion of the programming for this year’s Founders Day. Junior Nicole Schmalbach, Vice President of STAT, said, “My first event in Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow was Founders Day and it continues to be one of my favorite celebrations on campus. I love hearing about the history of Ursinus and where we are continuing to grow. STAT is honored to partner with the 150th committee to help execute one of our biggest birthday bashes yet.”

One event STAT helped plan was Founders Feud. Schmalbach said, “Founders Feud is a play on ‘Family Feud,’ where we will be having two teams of four answering trivia questions about [the] past, present and future Ursinus. Participants will get a prize – limited edition Birthday Bear socks!” Schmalbach was also excited for the special Founders Feud menu in Wismer. “There will be a special menu in Upper Wismer paying tribute to donors and landmarks on campus such as ‘Bomburgers’ and ‘Sesquicentennial Salmon,’” Schmalbach said. “We asked Doug Ulrich from the admissions department to host [Founders Feud] because we knew he would keep the energy high and get lots of students involved.”

Doug Ulrich, Assistant Director of Admission, was eager to host the game. “I first found out about Founders Feud from my colleague, Alyssa Worrilow! Alyssa, being a proud Ursinus alum is part of the advancement committee, so when the Founders Day meeting was held the topic of a Founders Feud host was brought up and Alyssa immediately recommended me!”

Ulrich found Founders Feud to be a great way to bring the campus together. “Am I doing this just because I fit the qualifications of a great game show host? A handsome face with above average MC skills? No, no I am not. I’m doing this because this is an important event that will bring the campus together during common hour. An hour that is going to be filled with positive energy, good vibes, laughs and of course some friendly competition,” Ulrich said. “Founders Feud has the opportunity to not just set the tone for the rest of the afternoon, but potentially the next 150 years and for that, I am honored to be a part of something so great!”

In Ursinus’s sesquicentennial year, Ulrich was honored to be a part of the celebration. “I could not be more appreciative of being part of such an important day. Celebrating 150 years is something every single Ursinus faculty, staff, and student past and present should be proud of. Founders Day provides us the opportunity to reflect back on how far Ursinus has come and in the same light, take a look at the endless possibilities ahead.”