Leaving a Player, Returning a Coach

Kathy Logan (kalogan@ursinus.edu)

The Women’s Tennis Team has experienced a few surprises while returning to Ursinus in the Fall 2021 semester, but a recent surprise was a pleasant one. Their current teammate, Brenna Trkula ‘22, will become their assistant coach for the upcoming spring season. Trkula is currently a senior at Ursinus studying Psychology and Communications and will be graduating at the end of this semester. She is a beloved member of the team and has been captain for two years. She began her freshman year at 1st doubles and 3rd singles then finished off with playing 2nd doubles her senior semester. 

KL: “How did you get into tennis? What made you want to play at Ursinus?”

BT: “ I first picked up a racquet my sophomore year of high school. I fell in love with the sport and was determined to make a collegiate team. I worked hard and reached out to Pete Smith and visited. Then, I discovered I loved Ursinus and committed right away. I was recruited by the college, and got to play on the team for four years.” 

KL: “What made you want to be an assistant coach for the team?”

BT: “I was graduating a semester early in the fall and missing what would have been senior year of tennis. I wanted to stay in contact and still be a part of the team, so I reached out to Coach Pete since he was having difficulty finding an assistant coach. I told him I would be interested in the position.” 

KL: What do you plan on achieving or doing as an assistant coach? 

BT:  “I plan on enhancing community for the team and helping everyone further develop their tennis skills, and mental toughness. I will definitely be emphasizing having mindfulness in the present moment, as tennis is a mental game.” 

KL: What are you most excited about? 

BT: “I’m excited to cheer my whole team on courtside, be part of the game, and help everyone as needed. Just being a part of the Ursinus tennis team in a whole new way is a promising chapter in my life I am ecstatic to experience.”