First Year Check In

Katie Cressman (

 The first year of college can be a time of excitement and possibility. However, for some, it can be an overwhelming and stressful time, too – even without the world- wide pandemic, which erupted in full force almost two years ago. In other words, some first-year students never got to finish out a true high school experience and were thrown head-first into the chaotic world of college. The UC Class of 2025 has had an interesting first semester, but has almost successfully made it to the end. 

Caroline Sherman, a member of the Women’s Volleyball Team, stated that “the transition of college became so much easier when I knew I already had my group on campus to lean on. I can honestly say I miss being in-season and seeing everyone already. Resources, such as my friends, teammates, and coaches have helped me so much so far.” It is clear for Sherman that being a part of an organization within the Ursinus community was beneficial in her transition.

In fact, she offered a tip to all future freshmen and said adamantly, “Plan to be a part of a club or organization! While it is completely possible to make friends at UC without them, I feel like it has completely shaped my experience so far. The transition was that much easier.” 

Other first year students had a lot to say about some of their top picks for the semester. Ian Wright, a first year biology major, shared one of his favorite memories. “The simple things! Staying up until 3AM with my roommate and friends in the freshman dorms, even when I had an 8AM the next morning. I might be tired, but the late night conversations are worth it.” Sherman also chimed in about her favorite memory on campus so far. “My birthday was actually a week ago, and it was one I will never forget. I got to spend the entire day with my friends and on campus, and genuinely there are so many things to do on or around campus. It made for the perfect day.” 

Although there were lots of favorable memories, first years reported facing some struggles as well. “It’s towards the end of the semester, and I am definitely feeling that lack of motivation that seems to hit everyone,” Sherman explained. Wright didn’t argue with that comment. “I definitely agree, it is hard to feel less motivated with so much freedom. Structure is taken away.” 

The UC Class of 2025 is hanging in there, and has already transitioned well. But, just like everyone else, they encountered bumps along the way. Next time you see a member of the Class of 2025, do not be afraid to stop and offer them advice you wish you knew as a first year student. It never hurts to help out the next generation of Bears!