Mold in Residence Halls causes Concern

Imagine courtesy of Ursinus College

Morgan Grabowski (

Many students were excited to move back to campus this fall. Some of those living in the basements of North/Richter were less excited to be greeted with mold growing in rooms, halls, and bathrooms. 

Sophomore Robert Ritchie, claims he noticed mold in the showers of his hall in the basement of North. Mold was also found growing on the ceiling tiles in the hallway, and in the air conditioner units. Ritchie says, “That almost makes me question Ursinus’ drive to resolve any residence life issues.” Junior Solomon Griffith was unaware that he was living amongst mold. After becoming aware, he said, “I think it is disgusting to have mold in a building where a lot of students are sleeping, eating, using restrooms and so on,” Griffith explained.  

When asked how Residence Life was taking control of the situation in order to help students whose dorms were infected with mold, Alyssa Caffarelli, the Director of Residence Life, deferred to Facilities, saying, “We look to them … for their expertise and any guidance if and when a mold issue arises.”

Stephen Gehringer, the Director of Facilities, commented on the mold and explained how it was being taken care of. He said that the cause of this was a leaky pipe in an HVAC unit. To remove the mold, facilities repaired the HVAC system and replaced piping insulation. The moldy ceiling tiles were cleaned and treated as well. This repair should be a permanent solution because “given the environmental improvements and changes, mold will not have the opportunity to grow,” Gehringer concluded. 

If students find mold in their residence hall, Gehringer recommends staying away and not disturbing the area.

You can take action by calling Facilities at (610)-409-3598 or filling out a work order on their website: ​​

Do not be afraid to speak up if you see an issue or health concern. 

Keep an eye out for anything that seems out of place. Stay safe, Bears!