Morning vs. Night Classes: Which is the Lesser of Two Evils?

Ava Compagnoni:

There is NOTHING worse than an 8 AM…right?

Most students face the inevitable 8 AM class at least once in their undergrad career, and if you are in the 0.05% (I made that percentage up) who have not, I envy you. However, in my experience, there
is an unspoken debate that night classes might be worse. You have already gone through your daily routine of classes, perhaps practice, getting homework done, and dinner, BUT you have a 7 PM class after all of that. The last thing you want to do is to leave your dorm when the sun is set and go to class. It feels unnatural.

“I don’t really have anything against night classes because I think it can be fun sometimes to have a class that’s not during the day. It has its individual benefits, I get most of my work done earlier in the day. Personally, my night classes have always been film screenings, so when you have gone through your whole day with classes, it can be a little tiring to be at class at that time and really focus in the dark Olin Auditorium,” says Allie Armour ‘25.

Personally, I only had to attend one film screening at night for my own MCS class. Purposefully, that is why I have never taken a film class as the scheduling conflicts with my other activities and I have no interest in meandering over to Olin at 7 PM once a week.

“I literally cannot wake myself up for them, it is as simple as that. And then when you do get yourself out of bed, especially myself who lives in New, nothing is more humbling than hauling it up the Wismer Hill 3 mins before class starts at 8am,” says Jenna Smith ‘23.

Luckily, I have only had to endure three 8AMs throughout my entire academic career, one of them via Zoom, so that one was not as much of an issue. 8AMs in the spring semester are a lot worse than the fall semester in my opinion, nothing wakes you up quite like a frosted walk from Hobson to Ritter on a January morning. And you can never seem to get your sleep schedule right for an 8 AM, you are still going to bed at 2 AM regardless, so you just wake up MORE tired than usual.

“I had CIE (Common Intellectual Experience) at 7 PM because my professor could not teach during the day because she was a high school teacher. I would never be able to eat dinner because I would run from golf practice off campus straight to CIE class twice a week for over an hour,” says Kaylin Chen ‘25.

CIE was already scary to attend for all freshmen, but AT NIGHT? (Spongebob Voice). That sounds like it makes Allegory of the Cave even worse! The perfect timing for a CIE class is 12 PM, a perfectly perky hour of core questions.

So, after reading this article I hope you can discern which is worse, because I am still sitting on the fence. So I hope this either persuaded you, confused you, or made you hate your schedule even more!