The Berman Museum of Art Reopens for Spring 2023

Marie Sykes:

The Berman Museum is back and open once more for the spring semester with exhibits from Lydia Ricci, Michaela Dela Dika, and more! At the opening on February 9, 2023, Executive Director Lauren McCardel said, “[I am] thrilled to see so many people here tonight to enjoy the exhibitions and engage with the artists.” To learn more about the Berman, visit them in person on Tuesday through Sunday from 11am-4pm or check out their newsletters and websites for events! All photos credited to Marie Sykes.

“Shaping Rhapsody” by Michael Dela Dika Pictured Above. The exhibit “combin[es] ceramic and reclaimed metal, Dika’s sculpture reveals harmony in chaos by striking a balance between strength and fragility,” as listed on the museum website.
“The throughline I would say would be slowing down time and those moments you don’t realize are more significant until you really take the time to look at them. I really recreate some of those scenarios with mundane objects. Deborah [the creative director of the Berman Museum of Art] has been a wonderful collaborator giving me the opportunity to bring a lot to push myself to bring a bit more of my story to here.”Lydia Ricci On Her Inspiration for Her Exhibit Seen Above
“Essential Work, a group show featuring seven artists, is the heart of our exhibitions this season. The large traffic sign at our entrance with the words ‘Artists are Essential Works/ Art is an Essential Service’ echoes rhetoric from the pandemic regarding what forms of labor society values the most. The works in the exhibition elaborate on this thesis, addressing topics such as technology, activism, feminism, and how they relate to labor. To explore these ideas further, plan to see our guest speakers—Sarah Jaffe on March 2 and Michelle Millar Fisher with Gabriella Nelson on March 30.” Sanya Grace Kunicki, the Berman Communications Assistant.