Revisiting Café 2020: Slaying or Slacking?

2021_10_04_Ursinus_Campus photos Photo ©2021 Dan Z. Johnson 2677729441

Article by Quadai Brown <>

Since we’re approaching the end of the semester, I’ve decided to revisit Café 2020 – where I am a student worker – and see what’s new. New changes include everything from daily specials and new drinks to all-day breakfast, and customers have enjoyed new offerings. These updates sound great, but there could still be some improvements from the employee side of things, as communication between employees and management could be stronger. But overall, students seem to be happy with how the semester as Cafe 2020 has gone. 

One anonymous Café 2020 student-worker expressed mixed sentiments. On the one hand, they believe things have taken a positive turn since the semester began, saying “I have hours that fit with my class schedule.” At the same time, a few new rules have left employees perplexed, such as it being mandatory to ask customers if they want their receipt, when most of them opt out of wanting it in the first place. They further elaborated, “It’s okay, but some of the rules are arbitrary such as giving every customer their receipt, as customers usually ask for their receipt only if they want it.” The employees of Cafe 2020 would like to see a bit more communication from management. They also shared “Upper management has a habit of enforcing rules without communicating that with employees, as communication is key”.

Another Café 2020 employee, Alena DeAntonellis ’24, had a positive outlook on all of the changes at Café 2020. She shared, “it seems a little more student-oriented now from a worker perspective because they didn’t have many shifts for student employees at all at the beginning of the semester.” As previously reported, the semester began with student workers being unable to pick-up shifts. Shifts have opened up as the semester progressed. DeAntonellis also shared her view of things from a customer perspective. “From both perspectives it also seems a lot more creative now because of the surprise drinks, the different creative drinks and special drinks, the decorations. All of that wasn’t there at the start of the semester or in previous semesters.” Not only does DeAntonellis appreciate these changes, so do the customers who frequent Café 2020, who have also had great things to say regarding these additions to the coffee spot.

I’ve asked around, and the additions to the Café 2020 menu are getting a good reception amongst the public. One student, Wyatt Colonna ’24, stated “I do like the inclusion of the seasonal drinks because it shows that they’re trying to respond more directly to what students want.” Students are also happy about all-day breakfast, a returning addition of Café 2020. Another student, Liam Reilly ’24, shared “My favorite change has been the return of all-day breakfast sandwiches, especially since Jazzman’s closes early.” Ursinus students are glad that there’s more of a selection when it comes to menu items at the Café. Sean McGinley ’24, the Grizzly’s Opinions Editor, said, “I like the newer menu items like the croissants and mystery drinks; they add more variety and options to what they already offer on the menu. “Students are glad that Café 2020 management is adding more things to accommodate what students have been requesting and wanting to see for a while now. Hopefully Café 2020 will continue down this road of making improvements where needed. Feel free to come to Café 2020 and judge for yourself, from a customer’s view.