Shammah Bermudez will depart from Ursinus

Photograph Courtesy of the Grizzly Staff

Kim Corona

Director of Disability Services and Section 504 Coordinator Shammah Bermudez will be departing from Ursinus College to join the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law in St. Paul Minnesota, where he will oversee the Disability and Student Services. 

Bermudez has been working in Disability and Services and Student Affairs for 10 years. Prior to Ursinus, he served as a coordinator for Disability Services at Delaware County Community College. 

During his four years at Ursinus, Bermudez facilitated accommodations for students under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, a civil rights law that was originally passed in Congress in 1990 and protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace, including other settings such as school. 

He has served as one of the many faces who have supported students to reach their highest academic potential regardless of their circumstances. 

“From supporting students in and out of the classroom, serving on committees with students, to planning awareness programs, I am always inspired by how much passion and drive Ursinus students bring to everything they do,” said Bermudez. 

He talked about the impact Ursinus students have had on his life. “It is also the relationships I have developed, many of the students I have worked with have stayed in touch even after graduation,” said Bermudez. 

As for his new role at Mitchell-Hamline, he’s excited for what’s to come. 

“I think I am most excited about the opportunity to create something new. This position is brand new for Mitchell-Hamline and I get to build everything from the ground up,” said Bermudez.

According to Bermudez, Disability Services and the Institute for Student Success are currently in the process of searching for a replacement. “Whoever that is will have a great team to work with and be able to put their own stamp on it. I am confident that regardless of who comes after me, the students will always be supported.”

Bermudez has stated he’ll miss spending time with students at Wismer, going to athletic events and performances and attending homecoming, which is coming up. 

“I love the energy that comes from working here and getting to know everyone on such a personal level. I will miss a lot of things, but most of all I will miss our students,” said Bermudez.