Two decades of Ursinus Fringe Festival

Kevin Leon

Last week, Ursinus’ Fringe festival, which is inspired by the Philadelphia Fringe festival, turned 20 years old.

The event kicked off on Wednesday, September 11 with a staged reading of the “Euthyphro,” with Philadelphia-based actors Akeem Davis and Kevin Meehan playing Socrates and Euthyphro.

Thursday, September 12, featured the Cabaret Show, which is a varied showcase of the Ursinus community’s talents and performing skills. This year’s Fringe Cabaret featured a variety of musical performances and dance. The event was hosted by seniors Jeniece Butts and Justine Cinalli.

“We were lucky to have both students and faculty participate in this year’s cabaret. It was a great show and the audience was enthralled through the very end by all the performers’ talent,” said Cinallli

Senior Tommy Armstrong, along with sophomore Liam Worcheck, combined and covered a pair of songs for their performance.

“I was so glad to perform again as a senior. I did an act my freshman year where I performed a scene from “American Psycho” and then played ‘Psycho Killer’ on guitar, and this year I got to play ‘Psycho Killer’ again! Liam and I abridged and combined a song, ‘On the Road Again’ by Bob Dylan,” said Armstrong.

Juniors Myla Haan and Chrissy Foley performed a ukulele cover of “Lights On” by Maggie Rogers. Haan was quick to note that the space offered by the cabaret showcase is encouraging. 

“Though Chrissy and I experienced some fumbles during our performance, neither of us were worried or concerned because the environment is just so supportive,” said Haan.

Friday started off with an afternoon Hip-Hop Master Class held by Clyde Evans Jr. Later that evening Evans Jr. was joined by the Chosen Dance Company to give a Hip-Hop performance in the Blackbox.

The last day of Fringe began Saturday evening with an improv rendition of “Doctor Who” called “The Improvised Doctor Who Parody.” This event saw audience members assign the cast roles to the improv troupe members.

Two decades of Ursinus Fringe FestivalThe Fringe festival culminated with that night’s Drag Show in the Blackbox. The show featured professional performers from Philadelphia and New Hope.