The IDC is the best place to study

Ava Compagnoni,

Courtesy of

The IDC, or the Innovation Discovery Center, is the top spot to study on campus. The IDC makes studying feel more personable and with its numerous classrooms, floor-toceiling whiteboards, and comfortable chairs. The atmosphere in other potential study spots, such as Myrin Library, is a little too ghostly for me; the fresh face of the IDC is welcoming and knows all too well that I am going to plant myself down for three hours. The IDC is more of a collaborative workspace for students, especially for group projects. Instead of attempting to cram and keep a minimal volume on the first floor of the library, students can get projects done more easily together in the IDC. Another helpful tool in the IDC for studying in groups, or by yourself, is the whiteboards. All different types, too; floor-to-ceiling, wall-towall, mobile, any kind of whiteboard imaginable. The whiteboards make writing out notes a little more fun than it is with standard pen and paper. I believe using the whiteboards helps me study more efficiently than reading from my notes. In my experience, when I study with others, we incorporate the whiteboards into our study habits, almost as if we are teaching each other — the more you can teach others shows how well you understand the material. That is one of my most helpful study tips for the next time you decide to study in the IDC. Walking through the IDC, if I happen to pass my friends, I feel comfortable enough to stop and talk to them without disturbing anyone else. Whereas in the library, I only offer a brief greeting and I keep walking until I find my own creaky, wooden seat. I, and other students, greatly appreciate the choice of chairs in the IDC. They are comfortable, well-cushioned, and brightly colored; it is the small design details that make or break a building and render it comforting and not overwhelming. Myrin, to me, oozes with the expectation that students have to be grinding out work, non-stop, for several hours. The IDC does not present itself that way and projects more of a calming environment. Myrin may work for some people, but to me, it is not the go-to spot to complete my homework or write a paper. The silence hangs in the air with a sense of eeriness, making the slightest noise result in a distraction, causing students to stop and look up from their work. The location of the IDC is another desirable feature, a far enough walk from most dorm buildings so students are not tempting to rush and pack up their work early. Also, the joining of Thomas, Phfaler and the IDC is another amazing design feature. This layout makes it easier for students who have back to back classes in any of the three academic buildings. Overall, the IDC is the better place to study, while the Myrin Library is a historic, memorable building, an updated face can surpass that. So, the next time you have to study for an exam or write an essay, the IDC, and all of the study options it presents, is waiting for you.