Where is Our Safe Space?

Danielle Santana Denrich (dasantanadenrich@ursinus.edu)

The purpose of a Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) organization is to provide students with a safe space to discuss current LGBT+ issues, the current events that directly impact our youth. The Ursinian chapter of GSA has been temporarily disbanded for the 2021-2022 school year due to lack of interest from the students on campus. For a student like myself who hasn’t been on campus due to COVID-19, it’s extremely disappointing that in my first year on campus as a sophomore, I am unable to experience GSA. 

I asked the prospective GSA president for this school year, Ellie Mikus ‘22, how she felt about this. She stated “as someone who looked forward to being president since my freshman year, it’s entirely disappointing to have it fall apart my senior year.”  She proceeded to comment that she put much effort into keeping GSA up and running, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the lack of interest

But, it’s not all bad. Many are still appreciative that the GSA did provided the students here with a safe space when it was still running, through events such as Pride Week and Lightning Talks. Brooke Yanaga, a senior, remarked that during  her freshman year, she was super delighted to experience Pride Week on campus. She stated, “I’ve always been grateful to them for promoting that inclusivity and& representation on campus.” With global issues such as COVID, it has made it extremely difficult the last two years to hold events that provide these safe spaces. Fortunately, with the pandemic starting to clear up, we may actually be able to get back on track. 

We’re hosting Pride Week this year! If you are interested in helping GSA get back up and running, the Pride Week celebration will be in early April with various activities ranging from Karaoke night to the infamous party known as Gayla. Days and times are still to be determined and more information will be sent out by GSA and Radiance. Also, more information will be sent out regarding GSA elections for leadership positions held for the rest of this school year into Spring 2023. Hope to see you there!