Tau Sigma Gamma Feature

Morgan Grabowski, mograbowski@ursinus.edu

Greek Life organizations have had to reshape how they conduct their activities during COVID-19. By implementing COVID-19 safe measures, Tau Sigma Gamma was able to conduct New Member Education and induction, and continue to engage with the Ursinus community. 

Tau Sigma Gamma sorority (Tau Sig) was established in 1929, and currently has 30 members and over 800 alumnae. The sorority gained 12 new members in October 2020. They aim to obtain a “nobler womanhood” through loyalty and commitment to the sorority and their sisters. Tau Sig has a strong network of alumnae who come back during the annual “Big Gun” event in April to meet with and help educate new members. The sisters of Tau Sig uphold standards of inclusion, support for one another, and academic success through campus events and study groups.

In order to recruit new members, Tau Sig holds homework sessions, movie nights, and COVID-structured lawn games to stay safe while still getting to know new potential members. At the start of Rush Week, in the fall, Tau Sig invites interested students to an ice cream social and round robin in order to get to know them and attract them to the sorority. Throughout the week, Tau Sig holds more events including a karaoke night, crafts night, cookie decorating, tie-dying, a pancake breakfast and more. Once new members have fully committed, the sorority jumps into bonding activities where the sisters learn about each other, sorority cheers, and the history of Tau Sig. 

Tau Sigma Gamma strives to give back to the community as much as possible. In past years, the sisters have attended a service at Chenoa Manor, a farm sanctuary. After the service, the sisters help out by mulching or doing maintenance such as fixing the fences on the animal ranges. This year, the sisters are working with the Collegeville community and facilities to help with the upkeep of campus, and the surrounding areas, by performing Perkiomen trail maintenance and planting flowers around campus. On top of that, Tau Sig strives to maintain a clean community by participating in Main Street cleanups. 

The sorority’s biggest event, which they were unable to hold due to COVID-19, is Cuts for a Cause, where a barber is invited to campus and students can either donate their hair, or just get a trim and give a monetary donation. 

The sisters of Tau Sigma Gamma are led by a dedicated group of seniors: President Mary Fuchs, Vice President Laura Santori, Secretary Jackie Henigan, and Treasurer Zoe Cougal. These ladies have worked hard during the pandemic to ensure that the sisters of Tau Sig are able to get the most out of their time with the sorority. 

Tau Sigma Gamma continues to create a tight-knit community of women who embody the spirit of inclusivity and community service. The sisters look forward to welcoming new members in the 2021 fall recruiting season.