Ursinus Reacts after Eagles’ Loss

“I found the Super Bowl really exciting. It was honestly a really interesting game where I didn’t know what was going to happen. I’m sad that the Eagles lost and you can feel that everyone is sad around campus.” -Mia Durkin ‘23, to Samantha Levai ‘23

“I watched the game with a bunch of other Eagles fans, they were extremely unhappy with the ending because they felt cheated by the controversial flag. The game itself was a great experience but the ending definitely let myself and a lot of people down. I’ve never heard this campus so quiet.” -Katie Cressman ‘23, to Kyle Maurer ‘23

“After one of the best 3.5 quarters in super bowl history, the NFL let an absolute travesty decide that game – a blown call by the refs on a flag that wasn’t there. This is a type of event that will stick with Philadelphia sports fans for the rest of our lives. After we were absolutely robbed of a chance to win one of the best games of all time. Our defense let us down, but not as much as the officiating did. An absolute injustice to the entire eagles organization and franchise.” -David Kratz ‘23, to Richard McDonald ‘23

“I thought it was pretty good, a very well officiated game. The last play was not a bad call at all” -Matt Wallace ‘24, to Will Oberholtzer ‘24

“The Fubo TV commercial made me think I was changing the channel” -Luke Trotta ‘26, to Ryan Hughes ‘23

“As someone who grew up in PA hating the birds, this made me happy.” -Anonymous, to James Rapp ‘24