Professor Yik Yak

We asked students what they think professors would post if they had a Yik Yak:

“Is learning Excel really that hard?” – Dr. Henkel

“Upvote this if you love Charles Dar- win as much as I do.”- Dr. R. Dawley

“Why do my students constantly stare at me like I have three heads? I only assigned 150 pages of reading last night.” – Dr. Lott

“#vanlife” – Dr. Pfennig

“What did the chemist discover in the laboratory when he replaced all the carbon atoms of the benzene ring with six atoms of Iron? He had built a big ferrous wheel!”
– Dr. Walvoord

“You know what gets on my nerves? Myelin. – Dr. Favero

“My axolotls are better than my BIO-101 stduents.” – Dr. E. Dawley

“Where are the cats on campus?” – Dr. McShane

“Per my last GODDAMN EMAIL its in the Syllabus.” – All of them probably. Most likely Dr. Reinka.

“Rotting away in Ritter 141. Send help!” – Doron Taussig